Twilio Comes Back to Seattle


Submitted by Carter Rabasa from Twilio

Twilio is really excited to be sponsoring the upcoming Seattle Startup Weekend.  Not everyone knows this, but Twilio was started in Seattle, so this city figures deeply into our DNA.  When I started at Twilio back in January, I found myself in the situation of getting to know both a company and a city at the same time.  Despite having lived in Seattle for over two years, I had not gotten to know the local community very well.  As I got to know Twilio, I quickly learned the company was a massive supporter of the startup community. My course of action was pretty clear: find out where startups are in Seattle, who is supporting them and how I can help.

In March I had the chance to meet Chris Devore.  Chris and his business partner Andy Sack operate Founder’s Co-op.  FC is both a seed-stage fund and  one of the most vibrant spaces for startups and entrepreneurs in Seattle.  In addition to housing FC-funded companies, FC plays host to TechStars Seattle from August to November. After talking to Chris, it was obvious that FC was the logical home for the Twilio Seattle office.  So, in April we moved in! 

Today I am thrilled to announce that Twilio will be hosting regular office hours in The Easy (located in the basement of Founder’s Co-op) every Wednesday, from noon-2pm.  The purpose of these office hours are to get your technical and business questions answered.  Feel free to bring your code, show off your prototypes and work through your ideas while meeting other Twilio developers in Seattle.  You can sign-up for a slot here:

I am really excited about Twilio’s expanding presence in Seattle and our new home in Founder’s Co-op.  Every time I turn around, a new building has gone-up in South Lake Union or a new incubator has popped-up downtown. More and more people are taking the plunge and starting companies, which means that companies that support this (like Twilio & Startup Weekend) have a lot more people to help.  We’re looking forward to it!