62 Pitches! Oh my!


Well, it sure was a heck of a pitch fire last night. Here’s a quick rundown of all 62 pitches that we saw. We’ve got 15 teams hacking away now, and we’ll have another post on the selected ideas soon!

  1. QR Fix – printable qr codes on stickers that are broken
  2. Da Vinci’s Code – Facebook for churches
  3. Fishing – gives data about lakes for fish
  4. remote desktop control for android devices
  5. klik – dating site – like match, but better
  6. memfinder – menus for restaurants for each specific dish
  7. health and fitness in the cloud – free up data between different m2m devices
  8. proximity social network site
  9. collection sharing – digitize your collection and share it with other people / marketplace
  10. digital closet app – scan recent items of things they bought follow friends wearables
  11. Where is my tutor – find tutors near your neighborhood
  12. sortaj.com – group collection of photos from an event
  13. kellistreet – neighborhood recommender system – pandora of place
  14. stickyhire – gives recruiters live video / and storyboards to find candidates
  15. time to buy – website that catalogs the best time to buy anything
  16. gigmatch – matchmaking services for recruiting
  17. iOS application – beatboxing maker
  18. menuvite – takes info from guests and makes a table recommendation
  19. self help platform to make tools for fixing peoples problems
  20. eurekahelp – pitch ideas and let people vote on it
  21. prepardness pacakges – customized emergency kits
  22. dudewheresmybuzz – find blog emails to help market your stuff
  23. printprint – create a tool for designing posters and managing pop culture
  24. beatsomthing – social music games with others
  25. trivipal – bar trivia making app
  26. one click customer service – tripit for customer service
  27. learnsomthing – learners and teachers can collaborate with each other
  28. flashmob app – proximity based app for collaborative flashmobing
  29. tapthat – identify items inside the show and be able
  30. stockconnect- online community for folks that want to invest in stocks
  31. browsefordates – dating site that matches you based on your browsing history
  32. votingv – lets you vote on different ideas
  33. livingpattern – track living patterns for people
  34. now news – facebook meets huffington post
  35. Purged!- game that lets you put your stuff up on your network
  36. Soundtrack – tap into profile info to make a personalized music service
  37. teachmehowtochef – gives people skills to cook better food
  38. Mr.homework – app that helps you take online quizzes
  39. Incident Reporting for cities – report real life problems that need fixing
  40. Service Auctions – ebay for service
  41. artOS – edit photo, video, 3d models, all in one application
  42. im better than you.co – competitor to guiness world record
  43. leaderchosen – image based decision maker
  44. Farm Connect – connects people with their local food
  45. Tax the hacks – track your buying decisions
  46. Kapizi – search engine for answers connecting people to people
  47. couchsurfer for party entertainers
  48. Showr – share your  shower singing
  49. spready – help you read faster
  50. talkr – anonymous college gossip site
  51. dailydollar.com – daily budgeting school for millenials
  52. basebelle – lets women learn about sports
  53. I’m down – bring your contact list to life
  54. nfl insider – predict what team will win based on tweets
  55. discount daddy – socialize discounts between everyone
  56. funstudio – gamify vocabulary education
  57. kickass traffic data – aggregates traffic data and gives it back to the user
  58. local tourguides – airbnb for tourguides
  59. mass educate – crowdsource people
  60. Gone yard sale – padmapper for garage sales
  61. hacker hotline – online help desk for designers and developers
  62. virtual warren buffett – stockprice information