Teams at work!


We had 62 pitches, out of which 16 teams came to be selected, let’s talk a bit about them.

1) Polli: We are a web-based mobile solution to large groups of people, hosts, and event planners that need to gather a quick consensus, which engages participants in a visually satisfying polling process.

2) Basebelle: Helping women learn how to hang with the guys so they don’t feel left out. – @Basebelle :

3) Trovs: Web application that allows users to digitize, manage and share their collection (of anything, but for the weekend we are only focusing on sneakers). It is also a marketplace for selling items in your collection, or buying items from other users.

4) Showr: Who sings when taking a shower? Now, want to share it with the world? well then this is for you!

5) DropShop: Use an app to show you the best grocery shopping deals near you and track you savings over time.

6) The Fun Studio: Vocabulary Game which you can learn more about here: – @funstudiotweets

7) KelliStreet: Ever moved and wished you knew which neighborhoods would be the best for you? Well, wonder no more KelliStreet is the “Pandora for neighborhoods”. –

8) Tap That: Have you ever seen a show and gone “Hey, I’d like to know where to get that shirt?” Well, this is the way to stop wondering. With tap that you can figure out what’s on the screen and get info about it or maybe even buy it!

9) Browse for dates: Need we say more?

10) Kapizi: Matching people with questions with people with answers.

11) Follow products online and get the best info on when and where to buy them!

12) Hash Tackle: People to follow NFL players and know which team is more fired up.

13) Learn to chef: Short videos explaining a new cooking skill which then gives you a recipe for you to try your new skill on.

14) U R Gravity: Fitness app + wellness in the could

15) Trip Tac Toe: Whenever you go to a new city and need a guide, you can find local people to show you around and take you on unique experiences like photo tours, pub crawls, and group creative projects. Kind of like the Airbnb for guides.

16) FamBam: Instead of bidding on products what about bidding on services? and instead of you bidding for a service what about having the service bid for you? This is FamBam!