Tonight’s Startup Weekend Seattle 2012 Lineup!


The big event is here in just a little less than two hours — the final five-minute pitches for STARTUP WEEKEND SEATTLE! 30 floors above downtown Seattle, the surviving teams are finally ready to make the presentations they’ve been working on all weekend. Starting at 5 PM PST you can watch the entire event on livestream. Here’s tonight’s lineup in order of presentation from first to last!

* Food Cupid: Ever got home and want to cook dinner but didn’t have any good recipes or the needed ingredients? Food Cupid will provide customized, suggested recipes on a regular basis and deliver those ingredients straight to your door. Featuring @williexhu and many others!

* Gadgetbar: Rent the appliances you need to use, but don’t own! Featuring @pmargherio, @searcymenick, @stephvelasco, @wanderingmuse, @hmsmall, @kenmcgrady and others!

* Plug In: Plug In is a neighborhood research and matching service. Every neighborhood has a personality. What’s yours? Featuring @carlyslater, @savinola, @baristaze and others!

* Car Hero: Bringing fun back to the freeway! With @Johnson_Ben and others.

* Insta Cal: Have you missed events because your did not have them on your calendar? As a website owner or developer, have you lost customers because they forgot their appointment with you? As an event organizer, did you want to change the venue of your event or other parameters and didn’t know how to inform your attendees elegantly? Well, you can now, with one button on your web site, mobile app or even your desktop app – ‘Insta Cal’. By @viswamani and others.

* Tonight’s Playlist: Listen to what’s happening tonight! Just click play to discover musicians performing in your city tonight. From the minds of @shahafabileah, @glusenkamp and their accomplices.

* Jimini: The human way to send digital gifts to friends. Jimini lets users wrap their digital gifts in physical paper designs they can deliver in person. Browse through 100s of designs, make online purchase in Amazon or iTunes. Select a design. Jimini creates a printable paper design with your message and a QR code the recipient can use to redeem your gift. (On twitter: @jimini_co) From the minds of @rutherfd, @asimov4, @mtsyne, @gurujg, @jessicahdrw and more!

* Canopy: Our mission is to make smart home technology more accessible to help people save money, have more flexibility, and achieve peace of mind for their home. Featuring @mikelemmon, @erickdransch &c.

* An iPhone party game. From @KristinEide, @j_shi and others.

* Travel Angel: Marketplace for connecting local experts with those researching and planning trips. Featuring @yannriche, @ericroland, @drewmeyers, @lcdvirgo, @pacaron, @tipperaryp, @paulbuxton108 and @seasonal12345.

* EPdemics: EPdemics is an online music community that helps connect fans with undiscovered artists. We strive to develop an awesome community where users and bands can connect! (On twitter @epidemics, on facebook at EPdemics) Created by @peopleshark, @riley_petersen and others.

* Rising Steel: Jenga meets Structural Engineering – a game that challenges players to build working structures. From the Mad Attack team: @TrevorHeringer, @katcountiss and their partners.

* SupportWorld: A trusted resource for support communities, this multifaceted approach offers services to both those seeking a support group and support group facilitators. Promoting an active and affirming atmosphere support group participants are known as community members. With SupportWorld’s searchable content community members can expect personalized results of verified support groups. Facilitator’s insure the visibility of their support group and connect with other facilitators and industry professionals via the SupportWorld network. We aim to maximize agency for support communities by providing a standardized web presence, relevant training modules and a rigorous validation of groups and facilitators, alike. From @pnapieralski, @dearunclejackie, @coconuttree9999, @yuanlungalanluo and the rest of their team.

* Driving Points: Help teenagers stop texting while driving through positive reinforcement and rewarding them through redeemable points for prizes. Created by @usemenov, @RaviGadd2 and others.

* Corki: Corki is a personalized smartphone app that makes wine selection easy and educational for budding wine drinkers in local restaurants. In an era of overwhelming wine choices, Corki makes it fast and easy to choose a wine you’ll love from long wine lists. From @gabepelegrin, @michaelwsk, @klein05, @scuzzernaut, @wchen and their crew.

The action begins at 5 PM PST and you can watch it live here. Which startup group will walk away with FABULOUS PRIZES and a chance to compete in #gsb2012? BE THERE!!!