Seattle Startup Weekend, Global Startup Battle Edition Winners & More


After 54 intense hours of planning and brainstorming (followed by, for those in the USA, several peaceful days of turkey and mashed potatoes), Startup Weekend Seattle 2012 is over! Thanks to everyone who made this event a success!

The three winning teams were chosen by our panel of judges from 15 teams who presented at SWSEA. First prize goes to Corki, a fun and easy way to match you with the wines you like. The Corki team wins a $250 gift certificate to the Corson Building and a 2-month unlimited membership to SURF Incubator Café.

Second prize goes to InstaCal, the calendar solution!

Third prize goes to Travel Angel, the marketplace for connecting local experts with travelers!

Both the InstaCal and Travel Angel teams win a $250 gift certificate to a Tom Douglas restaurant of their choice, plus a swag bag from Google. Finally, a special judges’ tip of the hat to Car Hero, the only hardware prototype created over the weekend (not to mention presented with flare)!

But Startup Weekend Seattle isn’t over yet; it’s only the first part of Global Startup Battle 2012! In cities around the world, 137 startup weekend events were held on Nov 9-11 and Nov 16-18, the two weekends bookmarking Global Entrepreneurship Week. Here are some highlights from around the globe:
• At least two teams we know of already have investors lined up
• One team was acquired in the middle of an event
• The mayor of London (and next Prime Minister of the UK) popped into Startup Weekend London!
• The winner of Startup Weekend Accra presented to the President of Ghana!
• A team out of Toronto rang the opening bell for the Toronto Stock Exchange the day after winning

For more information on the teams and individuals that presented at Startup Weekend Seattle 2012, including their twitter handles, check out this list of presenters. If you presented at the event and are not listed, please add yourself in the comments! Some other articles about SWSEA 2012 include:

Brier Dudley’s Blog at the Seattle Times
Emily Parkhurst’s article in the Puget Sound Business Journal
• and our collection of photos from the event

Right now, the winning team from Seattle, Corki, needs your help to move on to the next round! The 15 teams who win the worldwide popular vote will face a panel of star judges who will determine the final winner. Vote for Corki using the facebook voting system here! The deadline for voting is TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27! And remember, hit “Vote”, not “Like”.

Thanks for your participation and stay in touch! You can follow Startup Weekend Seattle on facebook and twitter. Go to our facebook page on November 30 to meet the final winner of Global Startup Battle 2012!

— Jay Al Hashal, Facilitator, Startup Weekend Seattle 2012 (@objectivejay)