Tonight’s Startup Weekend Seattle September 2013 Lineup!


And … here is the final order of presentations.

They start at 5pm!

Remember that you only have 5min to present your business idea and 3min to answer the judges’ questions.

  • Teddy Labs: Crowdsourced creation of toys.
  • Marco Polo: An application that notifies friends from different home towns that they are in the same city.
  • Trade Ninja: A set of easy to understand videos that will the basics of investing, how to manage your risk, how to do real market research and much more. Our unique hands-on activities at the end of each video will get you investing by the end your session with the help of all the modern tools available on the web today.
  • Rentcast: Price your rental. Better.
  • YOLO: An experience discovery start-up for Seattle with a focus on personalization and ease of use. Our goal is to show you the most relevant events for you based on your mood, your interests, your location, and the time of day.
  • Red Pen: We are creating a community where people can get feedback on their writing from other members. As a member of the community, you can establish a reputation through votes on your edits that help you build credibility as an editor and eventually can get paid for editorial work by writers who need longer documents edited, faster turnaround, or guaranteed quality responses.
  • Legit: Simple business setup, turn your freelance passion into a legitimate business. We have a fast, no unnecessary add-ons, just the basic tools to start your business.
  • 404Kids: 404Kids is a not-for-profit technology startup helping to solve the problem of missing children. Working in partnership with existing efforts to find missing children, 404Kids brings the efforts of organizations like the Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s outreach methods into the digital world and reunite families.
  • Nudge: This intelligent location-based app helps remind users about a specific to-do list item depending on where they are.
  • Interact: Making the TV interactive! Save bookmarks about interesting moments during your favorite shows and movies and discover fun, interesting content about these at your leisure.
  • Pure Local: The professional network for local businesses.
  • Screen easy: a service that maximizes the interview processes and experiences.

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